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The Top 10 Movies Every College Student Should Watch

Originally posted on May 29, 2020 @ 4:30 am

While studying in college, students have to cope with stress, work, homework, and many other things. In addition, often during the study, interest in the learning process itself is lost. However, fortunately, you can ask for help at a cheap essay writing service. In this article, in turn, you will find the best films for motivation, raising the spirit, and returning interest to study.

Top 10 Movies

1. Whip It

The movie tells about a young participant in beauty contests, who understands that her real vocation is a sport. The film makes you think about what is more important in life: what suits you, or what you want. Absolutely fascinating story.

2. Larry Crown

Larry Crown served in the Navy, works as a team leader in a large company, and slowly pays a mortgage. It seemed that his life was planned for years to come, but the sudden dismissal turned her into a complete mess. Not knowing how to take a lot of free time, Larry goes to get his first education. After all, learning is never too late, as well as starting all over again.

3. Reality Bites

Reality Bites is a film about a young age when you are overwhelmed by doubts about your own destiny. The main character makes a documentary about her peers who are trying to adapt to the adult world. This is a story about the familiar feeling of the need to find yourself before you begin to develop your life according to a certain scenario.

4. It’s Kind of a Funny Story

It is hard for a 16-year-old teenager to explain what is going on in his head, especially when he must live “his best years”. Craig is swept with the flood of problems so much that he sees the only way out in suicide. Fortunately, the young man goes to the doctor, who, without going into the details of the problem, sends him to the department for “special” patients. The moral of the movie is not new: in order to learn to enjoy every day, sometimes you have to look at your own life through the eyes of other people.

5. Silver Linings Playbook

Having once found his beloved wife in the arms of another, Pat starts taking sedatives, goes crazy, and ends up in a psychiatric clinic. Eight months, ten kilograms, and hundreds of pills later, obsessed with the idea of ​​”getting better” and getting his wife back, Pat leaves the hospital and tries to “fit in” a normal life. A very touching story about people who are going through difficult periods of their life gives not even hope, but confidence – it is never too late to change something.

6. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

The plot tells of two terminally ill men who spend their last days in a hospital. It dawns on them: what’s the point of sitting and waiting the death in such an oppressive atmosphere? Without thinking twice, the couple embarked on all the hardships, having stolen a car with a million German marks. This seemingly bitterness-filled tape is presented to the viewer unusually easily, recalls that you need to appreciate every moment of your life, and makes you want to go to sea.

7. The Little Prince

The life of the main character, a young and adult girl, is scheduled by the minute: there are only 53 days left before the first school day in the prestigious academy, and no one is going to teach trigonometry for her! The blessing is all that is needed: a schedule board, shelves full of encyclopedias, and a mother who claims that a “wonderful adult” will come out of her daughter. We will all one day grow up and forget much of what we dreamed of when we were little. This cartoon is about dreams, and how important it is to take care of a child inside yourself.

8. Before Sunrise

Almost every girl dreams of travelling and meeting a charming stranger who will love her on the road. This is exactly what happens in the film Before Sunrise. This movie shows that we need to use every opportunity that is given to us by fate because we can meet our happiness when we least expect it.

9. Walking and Talking

The movie tells about the two best friends living in New York. One of them gets married, and the second torments herself with thoughts of loneliness. The film will help you understand that you need to be able to find happiness in yourself, not expecting someone else to come and make you happy.

10. The Help

American South, the 1960s. Newly graduated college graduate Eugene wants to become a writer. The theme comes by itself: the story of servants, helpers, without whom no home can do. But only in a town where black people are not considered to be people, and communication between the “whites” and “coloured” does not go beyond the law, it is hard to write such a revolutionary book. The film is quite serious and covers many topics, but the main idea, perhaps, is the same – people need to be treated humanly.

Summing up

If for a long time it seems to you that life is not going smoothly, then most likely it is really so. What needs to be changed? Where to begin? Who to ask for wise advice? Calm down! World cinema is rich in ready-made scripts. Just sit back, play one of the suggested films, and absorb new ideas.

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