Friday, August 19, 2022

Tipu Mahal And Hyder Mahal

At a distance of 1.5 km from Vellore City Railway Station, The Tipu Mahal and Hyder Mahal are the palaces positioned contained in the Vellore Fort. The Tipu Mahal has 180 rooms with a central pillar corridor and the Hyder Mahal on the identical campus housed over 200 rooms.

It’s believed that Tipu resided right here together with his household in the course of the battle in opposition to the British. The palaces are closed to public these days as they function a excessive safety jail. In the course of the British rule, Tipu Sultan’s household was detained right here and the final king of Sri Lanka in captivity.

On July 10, 1806, earlier than dawn, the Indian sepoys stationed within the fort attacked the European barracks there, and had killed about 15 Officers and 100 English troopers and ransacked their homes. A few of the rebelling troopers additionally urged the sons of Tipu Sultan to steer the marketing campaign. After this Sepoy Mutiny, the British transferred Tipu’s little children to Calcutta. The Tombs of Bakshi Begum, widow of Hyder Ali and Padshah Begum, Tipu’s spouse, who died in 1834 are positioned close to the Fort.

The Tipu mahal and Hyder mahal have been opened for public within the yr 2006, as part of bi-centenary commemoration of Vellore Sepoy Mutiny. At the moment they’re closed for public.

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